Month: February 2010

We have been talking about doing some clutches for quite some time now but none of us have had any free time to design them – until now! Jamie was able to, and they turned out STUNNING! I can’t wait for you all to see them! I love the rich browns she used!

First, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We had a great day yesterday – William and Mary beat the first place team in our conference, Northeastern, by one! It was a terribly exciting (and very stressful) game and we are now 18-7! So, now we will have a happy hubby/daddy for Valentine’s Day – YAY!!!!!!

For me, as I am sure for many of you out there that like to decorate, my favorite room in my house changes constantly. For a while, after we moved into our new home here in Williamsburg last summer, it was a toss-up between Lillian’s nursery and our guest bedroom.

Hello everyone! Thanks for all of your sweet comments. Lillie is doing much better now, although we both now have pretty bad head colds again! Arghh! I cannot wait for spring!

Anyway, she hasn’t been in much of a mood to nap today so I haven’t gotten ANYTHING done and I have a whole bunch of wholesale orders I need to get started on today, but I just wanted to write real quickly and let you all know that she was doing better and to share with you another one of our FAVORITE blogs: My Sweet Savannah by Melaine Thompson.

Hello everyone! Sorry, I had hoped to do this post this morning but we had a bit of a rough night. Lillian woke up at 2AM and was absolutely on fire and shaking. Her fever read 104, but as we discovered this afternoon, our thermometer reads between two to four degrees less than it should I am scared to think how high it actually was!

Just wanted to let you all know we do plan on beginning our next giveaway today, but Lillie is quite sick and until I can get her down for a nap that is not in my arms =) I won’t be able to post. Hopefully I will be able to at some point this afternoon, and if not, then tonight!