Month: May 2011

I thought I would finally attempt to give a step by step on how I create something in Photoshop. Many of the questions we most frequently get e-mails about are in regard to photography. I am a graphic designer, NOT a photographer (although I do absolutely love to take and edit photos), and so please know that this is just a step by step of how I do it and not by any means how it necessarily should be done.

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. It has been a long couple of weeks here. I thought I would just try to pop in quickly, though, and give you all a quick update on Lorelei. The good news is we got the pathology report back and the tissue they removed was benign!

I may have to let Jason guest post more often! I think he enjoyed reading your comments as much as I did. This summer he is going to be taking over the business side of Dear Lillie. Despite his claims, though, he will not be taking over the artistic side, but maybe I will let him do a guest post every now and again so he can exercise his writing skills and mock me…or maybe he can find another family member to pick on next time.

I expected our host to take care of this, but since she did not, please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jason Crotty.  I am Jenni’s only brother and Lillie’s favorite relative (in the coming months I will also surely become the favorite of Jenni’s newest child… whose name currently escapes me).  For those who have been following the Dear Lillie blog for some time, you may recognize me from the far-too-occasional shout-outs Jenni reluctantly throws my way (usually in reference to my fledgling of a blog).  I am entering the final few weeks of my senior year at Notre Dame, and I will be working for Dear Lillie full time beginning this summer.  Now on to the important stuff…

Uncle of the Year

Since Jenni has somehow justified taking another extended vacation, I thought that this might be as good an opportunity as ever to shed a little light on some of her deepest, darkest secrets.  Actually, I will only be exposing one, but I figured the promise of many certainly carried more weight than the pledge of but a single revelation.  Rest assured, however, that the information I am about to disclose is more enlightening than a complete list of her childhood crushes.

I cannot even begin to thank you all properly for all of yours prayers for little Miss Lorelei! Friday was one of the longest days of my life and as I was sitting in the waiting room at the hospital and reading comment after comment from you all on my phone it brought me to tears and it was such a comfort knowing that not only was our whole family praying for her that day but so many people we have never even met before were as well.