Month: October 2012

I have three projects in the works (two simple crafts and one building project) that I hope turn out okay and if so I plan on doing tutorial for those, but thanks to the girls being sick all last week and Hurricane Sandy none of them are finished or photographed yet.

Jenni’s first reaction to my last post (in which I detailed the habits of each of our employees) was “Wow, you took it really easy on Jamie.” Whether the response was triggered by Jenni’s wish to have someone else besides herself be the object of my verbal abuse or she was simply looking forward to a laugh or two at Jamie’s expense, the fact remains that my relatively positive review of Jamie’s workplace behavior was nothing short of a disservice to you, the reader.


First, let me apologize for this VERY picture heavy post. I probably should have split this into two posts.  However, I am excited to show you our dining room set up for Thanksgiving. I mentioned a while back that although autumn was my favorite season, I wasn’t a fan of decorating for it most of the time.

I had hoped to have our 2012 Thanksgiving Download Collection available tonight. I finally got everything photographed but still don’t have it all sized and uploaded yet because I’ve had a sick little one so I’m a wee bit behind. I am hoping to get it finished up here late tonight and have it available tomorrow.

I worked on getting the Thanksgiving downloads we will be offering, printed and set up on a festive autumn table setting this weekend but I didn’t get to photograph it in time to post tonight so it will have to wait. The only thing I have for tonight are a few pictures of our bedroom that I took in a hurry.

After having no luck at the barn and apple orchard that I showed you yesterday I took the girls to my uncle’s to play in the playhouse that my great grandparent’s built for their two children and that four generations have now played in.  While Lillie was playing I chased Lola around.