Month: August 2014

Although it’s not quite done Jason’s living room is almost finished. This room had great bones – we loved the fireplace and french doors. We really just had to paint (Lillie and Lola of course loved the “pink” walls but Jason was not as big a fan) and then add well, pretty much everything.

Sorry! This post was supposed to go up several days ago but our internet went out (which sadly happens quite often – ugh!) Fortunately it’s back up and running again finally so here are the images from Jason’s hallway.

I couldn’t find any before pictures but basically it was just yellowy cream walls with yellowy cream trim and a yellowy cream door.

While we were up visiting our family this summer we added some touches to the girls’ room. I took these pictures in a huge rush the last day there when the lighting wasn’t that great so they aren’t that crisp but you can at least get a feel for some of the things we added.  We did most of the work on making over this room over Memorial Day weekend (you can read that post here) so this summer just added a few little touches in here like the rug, the trunks at the ends of the beds and the silhouette of each of the girls above each bed.

Just popping in to wish you a Happy Sunday! 

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend! I’ll be back this week with more updates to Jason’s house. And now that we are back home I am busy working on our dining room. We moved our dining table back out to the porch and now am attempting to make a more substantial table for our dining room.

We were able to make quite a bit of progress on my brother, Jason’s living room
while we were up visiting this summer. I think these two projects were
my favorite things we’ve done so far in his house. We spent a good bit
of our budget on this house earlier this year on fixing up the kitchen
and buying some basic furniture (like chairs in the living room, a rug, a
dining room table, dining chairs, etc.) so now that it’s time to
decorate the goal was pretty much to spend as little as possible.