Month: September 2015

Although we have a lot of neutral fall decor throughout most of the house we have added some more traditional fall colors to some of the rooms starting with our den. We cut some branches from the maple trees in our yard and then added in some orange pillows and throws from HomeGoods to help add some color and then some warm cozy knit pillows that we got last year from Soft Surroundings.

We are excited to be a part of Kelly’s Eclectically Fall Home Tour again this year. Be sure to check out Kelly’s beautiful house over at Eclectically Vintage which is the first stop on the tour:

Unfortunately there have been no real pumpkins anywhere to be found around here so far this year, I even called some of the farms with no luck, so for now I just have some simple early fall decor in most of the rooms and then hopefully in another few weeks I will be able to start adding in lots of pumpkins and other fall details.

This L.M. Montgomery quote, “There was something in her movements that made you think she never walked but always danced”  has always been particularly special to me and it has been hanging as a print in some form or another in Lillie’s room at our last house and here in Lillie and Lola’s rom here at this house as well.

One of the last little spaces in our house to make over was the entryway closet where we keep things like shoes, scarves, bags, hats and that sort of stuff. I can’t seem to find a before shot (although if I do find one I will add it in here) but it was a basic closet with beat up yellow walls that I am pretty sure hadn’t been painted since the house was originally built.