Good morning! I hope you all had a blessed Easter and wonderful holiday weekend! We’ve been busy here and have been working on quite a few new posts including a couple that have been years in the making – haha! The questions we are most often asked are paint colors and where items are from. But after that the questions we are next often asked are about blogging and social media with question pertaining to how to get started, what is most important to focus on, working with sponsors, and all sorts of other things like that. Then we also get asked lots of questions regarding where we store toys and holiday decor, keeping our house organized and lots of other more random questions like that!

We’ve got lots of topics we are already planning on covering but also wanted to make sure to add in other questions you might have as well, so feel free to leave them below in the comments section if you have any. (We won’t be answering them in the comments section but will try to in the upcoming posts!)

We hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Warmly, Jenni

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