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Good morning! Today along with many of our favorite blogging friends, we are sharing our fall dining room as the second installment of the Seasons of Home Holiday Series. This room is a work in progress but we have wallpaper up in here now! YAY! The other prints I loved were really bold but I knew that as much as I loved changing our dining room around seasonally I realized I would be better going with something soft and subtle so I went with the Kamala in Ivory from Wallpaper Direct.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! I feel like June has just flown by! We haven’t been working on many projects at our house this past month or two as we have been busy working on client projects but I did want to share some pictures I took of our dining room with some beautiful pink peonies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We don’t have a ton new to share tonight (although we are working on some upcoming posts including a week from today when we will share the girls’ finished bathroom makeover!) but did want to share a few updates we have added to our dining room.

Although our dining room isn’t finished yet, it’s coming together. I haven’t decided for sure on a wallpaper yet but I’ve got it narrowed down to two…or so I think. Ha! However, we have found a chandelier and I absolutely positively LOVE it! I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to find one I loved as much as the one we used in our last dining room.

I have been busy painting and painting and painting over here and so am therefore really behind on blogging. I actually took all of these photos in this post back in December – haha! So don’t mind the wreaths in the dining room pictures. They have actually all been packed away for a couple of weeks now!