If you have any questions about paint colors or where items are from there is a link after each room that will bring you to a post with all of those details!

Good morning! I hope you have had a great week! I can’t believe it’s already January 11th. I think January is flying by even more quickly than December did. Earlier this week I shared the full tour of the downstairs of our last house and I wanted to finish that up by sharing a full tour of the upstairs.

First up is our master bedroom. I think this room is closest to my personal style – lots of contrast and a mix of both masculine and feminine touches. I love having at least one room in a house with dark walls. I can’t wait until we are in a space we can paint again!

For all master bedroom source information you can click here.

And here is the master bathroom. It had been remodeled by the previous owners so we just added some paint.

For all master bathroom sources you can click here. 

And here is the hall bathroom. We remodeled this one and I loved how it turned. I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper and hope to use it again someday.

Here’s a before:

For all source information on our hall bathroom you can click here. 

And next up is Lola’s room. You could see her room and the hall bath as soon as you came up the stairs so I wanted to wallpapers to coordinate. She picked this one out herself and it was very fitting of her personality!

And Lillie’s room was right across the hall:

For source information for Lola’s room you can click here.

Here’s Lillie’s room. Pink is her favorite color in case you couldn’t tell – ha!

For all source information for Lillie’s room you can click here. 

The last room upstairs was the bonus room. It had a unique shape that took me a little while to figure out how to make it work for us. Once we broke it up into little zones though it really came together!

For all source information for the bonus room you can click here. 

And then here are a few pictures of the upstairs hallway:

For all source information for the upstairs hallway you can click here.

And lastly here is the hall closet:

For all closet source info you can click here.

Well that’s it for our last house! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Warmly, Jenni


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