Good afternoon! I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! One of the things we get asked most about are paint colors and sources! We make a point to include a very detailed source list at the bottom of every post so that it is easy to find all of that info, especially paint colors and finishes. Another easy tool though to find most of the source info is to use the app! 

Now I will be very honest – a couple of years ago when we first noticed a lot of bloggers, especially ones we followed on instagram, using the concept I was quite skeptical of the concept. Over time though once I got a little more used to it both as a blogger and a viewer,  I started loving it! I loved that when someone would post a picture of their room and I loved the light fixture or bedding or just about anything with just a simple like and click I could easily get all of the info on it. Then recently they came out with an app and since then it has become ever easier!

I downloaded the app as soon as it came out. I would just take a screenshot of any image on instagram that I wanted to know where something was from and then open the app and it was all right there! It was so simple! Then they made it even easier than that by setting it up so you could follow your favorite bloggers and instagram feeds right there in the app. That alone has made it so easy to navigate! I love using it not only for decor items but also shoes and clothing as well! 

We’ve always enjoyed sharing all of our sources – that’s part of the fun of blogging for us. Sharing what we are doing and making it easy to use! We’ve included source lists long before we ever started using any RewardStyle programs. That being said, now with things like the app it makes it even easier.

Every day we get tons of questions on posts, lots of e-mails and a ton of DM’s asking where things are from. We do try to make a point to answer every single DM and e-mail that we see but that often takes time so if you use something like app or visit our blog you can get those answers instantly. For instance, if you see a picture like the one above and love the lamp, if you are in the app all you have to do is click on it and it will bring you right to it! Another thing that is helpful about the app is that if the item is no longer available lots of influencers will then link similar items in a variety of price ranges so it helps save time so you don’t have to search all over the internet for something with that same look!

Here’s a quick video from my phone on how you can scroll through our page on the app and find the picture that you want and then just click on it to see the items. I scrolled down to our master bedroom, then clicked on the image. That brought me to a page with all of the items linked – I just clicked on the rug and it brought me to the website so I could see sizing, pricing and go ahead and purchase it if I want! It’s so easy!

Here are a few still shots:


And like I mentioned the app is great for more than just home decor! It’s also great for following fashion and beauty bloggers – sometimes it’s so much easier to tell if you will like an article of clothing if you see it on a person vs. just a shot of the item for sale on a website.

Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow we will be back and Jason will be sharing a cool project he worked on with Jamie and Josh for their playroom! Have a fabulous rest of your day.

Warmly, Jenni


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