Month: August 2010

As I was moving furniture and taking apart the window seat in Lillabel’s room on Saturday all while trying not to succumb to the morning sickness I was asking myself  “have I completely lost my mind”? I mean seriously, her room did not NEED to be painted. Sure, the baby pink nursery no longer seemed to fit my spunky little toddler but I certainly could have a waited a few more months until I was feeling better and I had family in town to help and made it much easier on myself.

Wow! It has been quite a week. Except for the very exciting baby news, everything else has gone very much NOT according to plan! Arghhhh! I was supposed to have all of the children’s screenprinted items back from the printers on Wednesday and then all of the women’s back by Thursday. I was going to try to bring Lillie, Dana, and our new employee Catherine (will write more about her soon!) down to Colonial Williamsburg to take pictures and have them all listed Friday and Saturday.

Okay, so technically there wasn’t a baby in the present. But there were some books about new babies and being a big sister in there for Lillie! We just found out this weekend and told our families and a few close friends, but I was waiting until my doctor’s appointment today to actually write it here on the blog!

Hello Everyone! First, here is a quick update on the screenprinted shirts. They are supposed to finally be ready to go by Thursday afternoon. I think half are being printed Wednesday and the other half Thursday. I will hopefully be able to pick them all up by Thursday and take photos of them on Friday and Saturday and have them listed as soon as the photos are taken.

For the past several months now I have been wanting to do something with Lillie’s room to make it a little more of a “big girl” room instead of a nursery. I have been torn over what to do because she has so many things in her room that were handmade either by myself or my mom or sisters and I didn’t want to have to put them away.

This is just a super quick post (seeing how it is now after 3AM and it was going to be my goal to be in bed by 1AM for a change tonight -ughh!!! ) with a few pictures of Lillabel from earlier this week.

Lillie is wearing our Tanis Skirt

And for any of you moms out there that may want to coordinate with your little girl without being matching we are now offering the Montgomery Clutch in the same fabric as the Tanis Skirt!