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Hey, everyone–this is Jason again! I thought I would drop in to show you all an overview for how we built Jamie’s art space. You can view last week’s post on that with lots of finished shots here: An Art Space For Jamie’s Playoom. We don’t have a traditional step-by-step tutorial for this project, as we ended up making some decisions, changes, and adjustments on the fly.

Hello, everyone! Jenni and I recently spent some time re-decorating the built-in bookshelf area of her family room so we could give you all a look into the method she uses when styling a blank space! While the captions and tips are specific to her built-ins, the general thought process should apply to any time you need to style bookshelves!

A few weeks back Jenni asked if I would be able to make some sliding barn doors for a client she had been working with. Having never made barns door before (or any doors for that matter), I started looking for tutorials while Jenni and Lola went to the client’s house to take measurements.

Jason here! Jenni and I put together a short video last week showing two different ways to style a console table. We wanted to give a little look into the method she uses when styling an area, and apply that process in two very distinct ways.

The first look she went for had a modern feel to it, while the second featured a more country aesthetic.

This week we decided to make a new wooden canvas frame for Jamie (of Dear Lillie and Bluestone Hill). Just a warning–this is Jason post, so aside from Jamie’s pictures of the finished frame I am issuing a POOR PHOTO QUALITY ALERT!

Jamie has a canvas from Fine Art by Deann that she loves and has wanted to frame for a little while now, so we thought we could make one and show you all the process!


Several years ago we made some pom-pom wreaths and a couple of pom-pom garlands as well. We got lots of requests for a tutorial on how we made them and kept promising to do one but then things always get so busy during the holidays that we never got around to it, but this year we finally did it!