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This week we decided to make a new wooden canvas frame for Jamie (of Dear Lillie and Bluestone Hill). Just a warning–this is Jason post, so aside from Jamie’s pictures of the finished frame I am issuing a POOR PHOTO QUALITY ALERT!

Jamie has a canvas from Fine Art by Deann that she loves and has wanted to frame for a little while now, so we thought we could make one and show you all the process!


Several years ago we made some pom-pom wreaths and a couple of pom-pom garlands as well. We got lots of requests for a tutorial on how we made them and kept promising to do one but then things always get so busy during the holidays that we never got around to it, but this year we finally did it!

Although I can’t say anyone would describe our family as “animal people,” we were all so excited when we heard that Jenni, Jon, and the girls would be bringing home a brand new golden retriever puppy! Naturally (being the kind of uncle that I am) I immediately decided to surprise the girls with a handmade doghouse for little Ruby.

When we finally got around to making over our master bedroom a couple of months ago we decided to switch to a king-sized bed and we moved our other queen sized bed into the guest bedroom and slept with our new mattresses on the floor for quite a while so we just kind of used the floor as a nightstand.

Although I have done a LOT of painting in my life and have a LOT of painting ahead of me in this hosue I really have no idea what I am doing and am not that great of a painter. I just appreciate the power of paint to transform a room or piece of furniture and know how much money it saves by doing it myself.