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Every time we post pictures of this summer cake we get asked for the recipe! It’s super easy because we use a cake mix for the cake and then add our favorite homemade frosting. I’ve never bothered to type it it out along with the picture but seeing how we get asked about it quite often I figured I’d go ahead and quickly type it up now.

Hello! Well I don’t know about you, but we have had some FREEZING temperatures here along with quite a bit of snow last week so one afternoon after playing in the snow we decided to make some hot chocolate floats and get warm by the fire!


Snuggling up by the fire – it took quite a while to thaw our poor fingers and toes out – ha!

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Today I wanted to share some fun little mini pies that I made that would make a great Thanksgiving dessert. I found the mini pie dishes at HomeGoods and then was planning on making the traditional pumpkin pie recipe that I have always made in the past but then saw a Caramel Maple Pumpkin Pie filling and decided to give that a try.

Good Morning! Today I am joining a bunch of our blogging friends to share our favorite pumpkin recipes. I am going to share with you my absolute favorite pumpkin recipe – pumpkin cake!  I actually shared this recipe quite a few years ago – back when Lola was just a baby (now she’s in first grade!).

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Today we are so excited to be joining so many of our other blogging friends for this years first installment of the Farmhouse Holiday Series! We are sharing our kitchens and a recipe today. I decided to try making some Apple Roses, something I had never made before which made me a little bit nervous but I am so glad I did.

Good morning! Did you know that it was National S’mores Day today? We are partnering with Birch Lane for this post. We have always enjoyed making S’mores outside, in fact last summer we made them on a regular basis out in our outdoor living area with our outdoor fireplace.