Month: October 2010

My sister Jamie, and her husband Josh, started building a home about two years ago. Now, when I say building a home, I don’t mean having someone build a home for them, I mean they literally built it themselves with their bare hands (with help from friends and family – especially Josh’s parents).

So, I had a sonogram yesterday. I am a little under 13 weeks so wasn’t sure if they would be able to take a guess or not on whether is was a boy or girl. However, after a little while of not cooperating at all, our little munchkin decided to cooperate nicely and the incredibly sweet sonogram technician informed us that she was 80% sure it was a…


We are finally back settled in after a busy few days of traveling and visiting family up in New Hampshire. We had so much fun and it seemed like WAY too short of a visit. I feel like we barely got to see everyone. Here are some photos from our trip (sorry, I didn’t get everyone in them this time =(…hopefully I will do a better job next trip.) And at the end of this post we will also be hosting another giveaway!

Thank you for all being so patient! I am so sorry this is a day late. It has been a LONG day here. We have had so much fun, though. Will post more on that later. For now, I want to quickly share the winner of the tutu and get your opinion on a new color option for the Fairyland Thermals.