Month: November 2010

Well, here is the second to last post on our Christmas decorating. Once we get our tree (hopefully this afternoon after Miss Lillie’s nap) I will take pictures of our living room. Maybe next year I will be organized enough to have all of the Christmas decorating in one post! Actually with two wild ones running around next year probably not!

Here are some pictures of Lillian Annabel’s room decorated for Christmas. Just like the rest of the house we went pretty simple and just used a mix of fresh and faux greenery. I also have taken pictures now of our master bedroom and will hopefully have time to post those tomorrow.

Hello everyone! This will be super short as it is late and I still have lots to do before bed. I just wanted to let you all know our holiday shop schedule and to tell you about our Black Friday Sale (which will run from Friday through Monday). First, here is our shop schedule starting with tomorrow, or I guess now it is technically today:

November 24 – 25th – CLOSED
November 26th – 30th  – OPEN
December 1st – 11th – CLOSED
December 12th – 17th – OPEN
December 18th – 29th CLOSED

As of yesterday Etsy now offers shops the option for a discount code – YAY!

Ahh – it’s been a wee bit crazy here lately. Our shop has been quite busy so we have been working away trying to get everything shipped out as quickly as possible! (The knit hats are running about two weeks out but most everything else we have been able to get shipped within two to three days and hope to be able to continue that through the holiday season).