Month: January 2011

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week! I really do have quite a few posts planned: some valentine’s projects, a ottoman slipcover tutorial, Lillie’s bedroom (long story but we changed it around again), plans for the nursery, the next round of script pillows, some new designs, etc… I just haven’t had any time these past few weeks.

Sorry it is so late but it has been another long day here. This time of year is always a bit overwhelming. To those of you who have sent e-mails – I am not ignoring you it just takes a really long time to go through them all – I am working on it though, I promise!

It has been a particularly LONG week so as usual, I am horribly behind on blogging and even more so on e-mails – ahhh! Although it has been a LONG week and I am beyond exhausted it has been a pretty good week. The Tribe won both of their last two games which has made for a happy household =), I turned 29 – yikes, and we had a pretty busy week for this time of year in our shop.

This is going to be a super short post because I have to get  Lillie in bed but I just wanted to let everyone know we finally have some pillows finished and ready to list in our Etsy shop. We will be selling them just as pillow covers (no insert) but if you want to order one with the insert just send us a convo through Etsy and we can set up a listing for that as well as long as I still have some left.  The pillows are made from 100% cotton in  natural linen color (linen is what the color is called – the fabric doesn’t have any linen in it) and je t’aime is printed in three different colors options.

Earlier this week Lillie and I made a slipcover for our ottoman which we stole back from my sister Dana. (Lillie mostly just enjoyed poking pins into the ottoman). We play musical furniture quite a bit in our family. You can look in my home and either Dana or Jamie’s places and find pieces that we have traded back and forth or stolen from our parents basement or barn (and occasionally straight out of one of their rooms, although that is generally frowned upon and I am not the worst offender when it comes to that – haha!) It’s even worse with clothes.


Unfortunately over this holiday season we have discovered many instances were our free templates were being using by other shops across the internet. Many of these shops were using the templates featuring the scripted words with that I freehanded on items they were selling. Because of this, we have chosen to remove our free templates from this page.