Month: March 2011

 No, I didn’t have our baby yet, although I do think she will be arriving soon. 
This is a photo of Lillie when she was about two weeks old. This is a wordy post and I wanted to have at least one photo and I have been having a lot of fun looking through Lillie’s baby pictures so I thought I would include one of her.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It has been so nice having my mom here, although poor Lillie has been sick so we haven’t really been able to do much. Hopefully she will be feeling better today.  

We wanted to remind everyone that today will be our last day our shop will be open until August!

Last Easter we got four egg topiaries and two egg wreaths as a gift from someone. This year  I thought I would make them over to match our decor a little better. I think both Lillie and Jon were a bit disappointed in my decision as Lillie thought the colored eggs were “sooooo pretty”, but they were a little bright for me.  As they had been boxed away since last Easter I had forgotten exactly what they looked like.


Our shop will only be open for two more days. 
We will be open today, the 24th and then will be closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then will reopen Monday the 28th which will be our last day until August! 



A few weeks ago I got the most recent Pottery Barn in the mail.


Yay! It’s time for a TUTU GIVEAWAY! 
The winner will get their choice of either our Petal Pink Tutu or our Calla Tutu
(Available in size infant size 6/12 months up through size 5/6).

Here is Abigail Grace in the Petal Pink Tutu.