Month: July 2011

 A few days ago we had the pleasure of meeting Joan and seeing her beautiful home. Joan and her husband, Dan, have been restoring an old farmhouse in the New Hampshire countryside. If you have ever read Joan’s blog you know that her house is beautiful.

We figured it was time for another giveaway! We have been busy working on our pillows for fall. We currently have the Jane Austen Silhouette (facing both right and left so you can have two facing each other) and Girl Reading Silhouette pillows printed as well as the Je T’aime pillow in the 12″ by 16″ size and the 12″ by 24″ size as well.

 Lola turned three months old last Friday! I had intended on taking and posting an updated picture of her then but that didn’t happen. I have discovered that trying to coordinate pretty much anything with two small children is nearly impossible. Finally, yesterday, while Lillie was napping I was able to take a few shots really quickly before it started to rain.

***As usual Jason’s post requires a bit of a disclaimer. I would like it to be noted that except for when he took Lillie to see a movie I don’t think he has ever been in charge of either child and that even while I was editing these photos for him I was bouncing a fussy Lola on my lap while he sat on the couch behind me doing absolutely nothing.*****

The advent of July brings a number of things along with it.

(One of the little birds that Lillie loves checking in on).

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday! 

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who won the Evy’s Tree hoodie!

I normally just take pictures of my family so I never have any reason to be nervous about them. A week or so ago, though, I took some photos for my cousin, Michael and his beautiful bride, Dani. It POURED the day of their wedding so they didn’t many photos of the two of them that they were happy with.