Month: August 2012

Last week we had a little impromptu tea party. Lillie had asked for one the night before, but I told her we’d have to wait until tomorrow if she wanted to have a one with snacks included so she, Jon and Lola decided to have a pretend one with the little pink set that Jon got her for her when she was a baby (you can see the tiny pink teapot and saucers in the photo above).

For four years I have been on the hunt for a little table and chairs. I really wanted a set when I was pregnant with Lillie but couldn’t find one I liked that wasn’t terribly expensive. Then I forgot about it for a while and then would remember and start looking on Craiglist and in consignment shops and then when nothing turned up would forget again for a while and so it went.

I am so excited to be able to tell you all that Lillie and Lola are getting another cousin! Jamie and Josh are expecting their first baby early next March! These were the first photos I took when we arrived in NH this summer and I have been patiently waiting until this week when Jamie starts her second trimester to tell you all!

While most of you are probably under the impression that Dear Lillie is primarily a one-man show, rest assured that I do get some help from time to time. Because of this common misconception, I figured it was about time that I introduced you all to everyone on our ever-expanding payroll.

It’s time for another giveaway! Today I want to introduce you to Aadley & Co. They offer a great line of scented items that you will love. Last month they sent me several items to try and I have to say this is a really easy review to write!