Month: January 2013

Just wanted to pop in this morning with our newest pillow cover. We thought these would make great wedding gifts. I’ll be back tonight with the some photos of our dining room.

Have a blessed Thursday!

In the middle of December (I think it was December 15th) I took all of our Christmas decorations down seeing how I knew that when we returned from NH it would be mid January it would be the last thing in the world I would want to do.

We’ve been quite busy these past few days! I finally finished up several different projects I’ve been working on but the biggest one was part one of building Lola a little toddler bed. She loves it. It’s so cute seeing how excited she is about it but a little sad too.


I had the privilege a couple of weeks ago to take engagement photos for my cousin, Robert, and his fiancé, Maggie. They are such a gorgeous couple which sure does make taking photos easy. They were up visiting in New Hampshire during the same time we were so it made it perfect for a wintery themed shoot, although it sure was COLD!

Back in October when I was visiting my parents I had some fun writing a fall quote on their new chalkboard, and then for Christmas my mom decorated it. While I was there this past month, after Christmas had come and gone and a new year begun, it was time for a new quote.