Month: April 2013

The last week or so I have spent very little time on my computer so I am quite behind on getting my photos all loaded onto my computer and sized for the blog. I have a few things to show you from Jamie and Josh’s house, a couple of things from our house, two new chalkboards, a new pillow, some new greeting cards and tags and some “during” shots from “Jason’s house”.

We’ve been busy up here in NH! Yesterday I photographed Jamie’s nursery and also some new things in her dining room and a couple of new products. We’ve also been working on yardwork at “Jason’s house” and today I am planning on painting the front door and then priming the kitchen cabinets – or at least getting started on them.

Thank you all so much for entering our giveaway! Here are the two winners: Ashley R. won the stained growth chart and Terri U. won the ivory growth chart. We’ve already sent both winners an e-mail.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your evening!