Month: January 2014

I finally took photos of the hallway upstairs. We finished painting it back in the fall (maybe late October?) and I just sadly took pictures last week. I was kind of holding off because I was waiting to find a bookshelf type piece for the top of the stairs but at this point am giving up on waiting on that.

We have another new chalkboard design with the first two lines of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “How Do I Love Thee?” poem available in our shop! We have it available in two options – one has the word love in pink:

and all the text in white


I also wanted to introduce our newest sponsor, 11 Magnolia Lane!

One of the items we get asked about if it made the move and where it went is the wire candle chandelier that was above our dining room table in our last house. Well, yes, it did indeed make the move and has been sitting out on our porch in a corner for the last six months.