Month: November 2014

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Happy Saturday!

I had hoped to have the tutorial for this advent calendar up this morning but I didn’t get it finished. Hopefully I will be able to finish it up tonight so I can post it tomorrow morning.

As I mentioned in Saturday’s post when we went up to NH earlier this fall we had a little fun adding some of our Christmas decor to Jason’s house (you can see a before and after tour of his house here). We kept it very simple and thought it would be fun to show how just a few little touches can help make a space feel more festive.

Now that we have made some progress at Jason’s house we thought it would be fun to add a few Christmas touches (or I should probably say I thought it would be fun, haha!) We kept it really simple and just added some greenery and paperwhites throughout the house and a few other small touches.

Although I mostly stick to a neutral Christmas palette, the last few years I have tried little bits of red here and there. This year though, we didn’t do any red and we are doing a simple, neutral palette throughout the house except in the girls’ bedroom and playroom where we have all sorts of PINK!