Month: April 2015

Now that we are done with most of the major work in making over our house it’s fun getting to add some of the finishing decorating details. We fell in love with this beautiful Grand Plaza print from Arhaus. It’s a large scale reproduction of a 19th century etching that shows a European plaza and was originally created by James McNeill Whistler.

I don’t have any new projects to share today, although I have been working on two different gallery walls – one in our den and one going up our stairs (finally!) and have a few other projects I’ve started like finishing up the laundry room but seeing how none of those are finished yet I thought I would just share a few pictures today of some pretty cherry blossom branches I clipped and added to the dining room.


The warmer weather is finally here and we’ve been able to eat outside again! I love being able to eat on the porch whether it’s just us as a family or when we have a whole group of people over. In the winter when we have large groups over for dinner we tend to keep all of the waters and sodas and stuff to drink in our kitchen set out on the peninsula but that can make things pretty crowded.

I’m still going through pictures of our porch and haven’t finished the post but wanted to say a quick Happy Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow or Friday with the full post and a detailed source list.

Have a fabulous day!

When we posted some pictures earlier this week of the flowers on the table we got quite a few questions about our new chairs. I am so excited about them. I have eyed this style chair for a while now but the ones I had seen were always kind of lightweight and the backs were often pretty low and I knew neither of those elements would be ideal for us seeing how we regularly have people over and a lot of our guests are quite tall.

We are excited to be participating in Décor Steals’ “Décor Ingenuity Event”. Décor Steals sent us this blue textured demijohn jug. It’s a beautiful piece and we filled it with fresh-cut branches from the outside and used in two spots in our home. 

I love bringing the outdoors in as much as possible and these flowering branch clippings made the whole house feel like spring was finally here.