Month: June 2015

I’ve got one more closet to share some pictures of later this week (we haven’t wallpapered it yet but we made it a little more functional) but I still have to finish going through those pictures so today I thought I would share what our kitchen sideboard looks like in the summer.

I know it will probably seem strange (and probably a little crazy) to a lot of people to bother wallpapering the inside of a closet, but I have to say I love having the little surprise element of opening a closet and seeing a fun and unexpected print inside, especially in a guest room.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I finally got our two closet makeovers photographed yesterday and I am hoping to share one of them this weekend and the other one next week. For today I just wanted to pop in to share our newest print and give you a little peek of our new wallpaper.

We’ve had quite a bit of ice cream lately thanks to the really hot weather we’ve been having and we had lots of fun setting up this little ice cream station using our new tiered stand from The Painted Fox.  We found some really cute floral patterned paper cups at HomeGoods and we filled some little blue creamers that we found there earlier this year with caramel and hot fudge and then added some fresh cut roses from our yard to some little mercury glass votives that were also from The Painted Fox.

I hope you all have had a lovely week! We’ve been working out in our yard quite a bit this spring and it’s fun being able to pick different type of flowers from our yard. Our peonies are all gone now, but we’ve picked some delphinium and yesterday I picked our first ever roses from our garden.