Month: August 2016

When we moved in, the kitchen cabinets and all the trim in the family room were blue, and while I had always liked the bright, colorful look for Uncle Bob, it was too bold for our style. This was the first room we tackled, and after many weeks of painting every nap and bedtime (oh, back when both children napped a solid two hours every day!…it wasn’t so long ago and yet it seems like such a distant memory) all of the cabinets and trim were a nice, fresh white.

Welcome to Uncle Bob’s garden. When I was younger, there was a pool where you see the brick and fountain, and we played “goofy” in the water, then munched on Parmesan Goldfish as we dried off. I had a birthday party here the year I turned 8. (One of three that year, I believe.

What does YNAB stand for? You Need A Budget! I had heard about this app a little while ago and had actually downloaded it but had never taken the time to fully look it over and put it to use properly so when they contacted us and asked us to do a sponsored review I jumped at the chance.

We are excited to now be taking WHOLESALE ORDERS for not only our prints but our signs as well! We are taking orders for all of our large signs but this is a particularly great time to put an order in if you are looking to stock your shop for the holidays.