Month: June 2012

We don’t have much extra room in our home so I have all of my computer “stuff” (oversized printer, silhouette machine, camera chargers, etc) and paperwork stored away here in this big armoire. I hate for wires and electronic stuff to be out in the open so this works perfectly.

I have had quite the painting itch these past few months. I had a few pieces indoors that needed to be painted like our coffee table, side table and a little french cabinet and I painted my parents hutch and dining room table. I also painted my computer station/armoire (which I will show you later this week).

I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy Saturday from Miss Lola Wren. These were taken in quite a hurry and are out of focus but I love looking at her big blue eyes. I have so many pictures of Lillie at this age but thanks to being baby number two not nearly as many of little Lola.

 Yesterday I showed you some poster sized prints I added to our porch for a bit of a modern punch. Today I will show you how I made them. This is the single easiest tutorial I think I could ever possibly write. Seriously! In fact, I am not sure it really even qualifies as a “tutorial”.