Month: July 2013

We finally have the Amazing Grace chalkboard prints available in our shop! I actually drew this one back when we were still at our old house but thanks to all the craziness of moving and then traveling we just finally got them ready for sale.  As usual we have them available in the 8 by 10 size print:

The 11 by 14 size print:

And the 24 by 36 download


I’ve started working on some autumn chalk art so that’s what we will have available next!


I am so excited to show you the guest bedroom at my parent’s new house! I am in love with how it turned out. My mom did a fabulous job in here. She did pretty much everything in here herself. The only things I helped with were the rug and pillows.

A couple of days ago while I was attempting to photograph my parent’s guest room (which I will post either tomorrow or Monday depending on when I can finish typing it up) my lovely little Lorelei Wren decided to plop herself onto the new rug in the room and take up residence.