Month: September 2014

I think this is the one room I have shared any pictures of yet with some fall additions to it. We added some corduroy and plaid pillows from HomeGoods to the bed and a cozy cable knit throw from Birch Lane. And then the orange branches, wreath and painting that I originally tried downstairs in our kitchen but didn’t quite like how it looked we moved up here.

I know to a lot of people it will seem pretty crazy and pointless so I won’t bore you with all my reasons for painting this room again. Ha! As I mentioned earlier this week. I rather spontaneously decided to repaint all of the trim, doors, windows in our kitchen/family room and back hallway and then also painted the walls.


We are so excited that fall is here! I tried to add some more traditional fall colors in our kitchen and family room the other day but while I was doing it I stopped midway through. I wasn’t liking how it looked at all and I had been wanting to paint the room for a little while now to match the rest of the house so I ended up doing something kind of crazy and stopped what I was doing and started painting the whole room – haha!

A few weeks ago we shared a few photos of Lillie and Lola with their cousin Evie. In those photos was a symbolic little baby carriage.

Evie is going to be a big sister! And Lillie and Lola have a new little cousin on the way!

Yikes! I am behind on lots of pictures. I still haven’t shared these photos from my brother Jason’s house. There was one room in this house that was a little bit tricky to figure out exactly how to make it function. He wanted to have a space for a really simple, basic home office (the main Dear Lillie office is separate) and although it didn’t need to function as a true guest room it did need to have a mattress in here for guests (mainly me – haha!) He also didn’t want to spend very much so we tried to be keep it simple and just kind of clean it up and make it seem a little more put together.