Month: March 2015

We finally finished two projects that have been on my list for the last year and a half! I have been putting off upholstering the girls headboards for forever because I couldn’t decide on a fabric. We’d been to the local fabric store several times and I’d ordered some samples online but I was having trouble deciding so finally the other day I just decided to just do a temporary job using fabric we already had.

We are excited to share that we have a brand new sign, “Up from the grave He Arose”. It is a wonderful reminder to have in your home not only at Easter but the whole year. We will be listing a batch of these tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 a.m.

Now that we finally got around to recovering the headboard it was time to try getting this room finished up. We got the rug moved back up here and then moved the desk over onto this wall to make room for the white sofa that was down in the den.

As soon as we ordered this bed I knew that I would be recovering the headboard. When it arrived I quickly just threw some white fabric over it and figured I would properly recover it in the coming days. Well, that was almost a year and a half ago – haha!

Last spring we moved the rug that was in our family room up to the guest room. I loved that rug but in an attempt to save money I ordered a size smaller than I should have and it always bugged me. It went perfectly in our gray guest room though and so we moved it up there and I started hunting for a larger rug down here.