Good morning! I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! I just wanted to pop in real quickly today to share some pictures of Ruby’s new doghouse that Jason made for her! He will be sharing a full tutorial for it here on our blog on Sunday but I thought until then I would at least share some pictures of it seeing how it turned out so cute!

She seemed more interested in climbing through the window at first – haha!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Jason will be back on Sunday with the detailed tutorial!

Warmly, Jenni

Little Ruby

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  • teddy mom

    Oh, so happy you got Ruby! It’s typical Golden behavior to inspect all the entrances, exits, etc! Also to take things apart to inspect them.
    They are curious beyond belief – not mischievous, like some people will tell you. I’ve had two and you will want to alternately pull your hair out, and also laugh at Ruby’s hilarious antics.
    If you’d like advice, I’d be glad to help you – Goldens are the best breed but they need a certain kind of stimulation so they don’t drive you crazy. And they are absolutely the best for teaching responsibility to young children. Your lives will be enriched with sweet Ruby!

    • Thank you for the thoughtful words! We can definitely relate so far 🙂

  • Tina

    The.Cutest.Ever.!!! 🐶❤️

  • Jolene Hanig-Jones

    Absolutely and totally adorable! (That goes for Ruby and her new house!) I love that she is intrigued by going in through the window and not necessarily the door. Looks like she is a creative thinker, just like you!

  • Edith Götschhofer

    Hallo…I am in love with this house and the little wonderful.
    Love greetings from Austria.Edith

  • peek-to-peek

    Cute house, but isn’t she too little?! I’d have her in my bed I’m afraid. She is just a doll.

    • Thank you! We just made this for her to enjoy when she’s outside playing with the girls. She sleeps inside 🙂