Month: August 2011

We still don’t have any power at home, but most of Williamsburg does (I’m posting from Jon’s office) so we should be getting it back pretty soon, which means we will be opening on Thursday at 12:01 am as planned (that’s less than 36 hours away)! We’ve actually been sewing by candlelight just trying to get everything ready, but I think we should be good to go by the time Thursday rolls around.

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that we still don’t have power here in Virginia, and we aren’t sure yet when it will be coming back. As soon as we get it back we will be hosting a giveaway for a gift certificate to our shop.

 As I mentioned earlier I had been wanting to add some purple to our living and dining room since Easter but hadn’t gotten around to it. I had seen a post by Yvonne at Stone Gable that had me itching to add some lavender touches. I can’t find the actual post now but you should definitely head on over and visit her blog.


We had quite the busy day here and were surprised in the middle of the
afternoon when an earthquake hit here in Virginia. It sounds like pretty
much everyone up and down the east coast felt it. It was one of the
weirdest sensations I have ever felt.

We are going to be giving one of these hats away, but first we wanted to let you know that after a lot of thought over the past several months, we have finally decided to begin adding sponsors to our sidebar.  We have been getting requests for some time now, but we were a bit hesitant about doing it.

Last month I showed you some photos of Jamie and Josh’s  Great Room and Mantel. I had intended on posting these pictures shortly after but of course got behind and forgot. Anyway, we took these photos the same day as the other ones which is why all of the accessorizing on the coffee table is exactly the same as before. 

Here is what their great room looks like during most of the year:


One of the reasons I most love working with neutrals as a base is that it is so easy and inexpensive to change out the feel of a room.