Month: September 2017

Good morning! Today along with many of our favorite blogging friends, we are sharing our fall dining room as the second installment of the Seasons of Home Holiday Series. This room is a work in progress but we have wallpaper up in here now! YAY! The other prints I loved were really bold but I knew that as much as I loved changing our dining room around seasonally I realized I would be better going with something soft and subtle so I went with the Kamala in Ivory from Wallpaper Direct.

Good Morning! Today I am joining a bunch of our blogging friends to share our favorite pumpkin recipes. I am going to share with you my absolute favorite pumpkin recipe – pumpkin cake!  I actually shared this recipe quite a few years ago – back when Lola was just a baby (now she’s in first grade!).

Although I can’t say anyone would describe our family as “animal people,” we were all so excited when we heard that Jenni, Jon, and the girls would be bringing home a brand new golden retriever puppy! Naturally (being the kind of uncle that I am) I immediately decided to surprise the girls with a handmade doghouse for little Ruby.

Good morning! I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday! I just wanted to pop in real quickly today to share some pictures of Ruby’s new doghouse that Jason made for her! He will be sharing a full tutorial for it here on our blog on Sunday but I thought until then I would at least share some pictures of it seeing how it turned out so cute!