Month: June 2017

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! Ours has been busy but lots of fun. Today we wanted to pop in and share a few fun little touches we’ve added to our home from our sponsor, Heritage Lace. Heritage Lace is currently offering our readers a 15% discount on their order from now through July 5th with the code DEARLILLIE.

This room has really made a lot of progress since we moved in this winter but the one thing that we’ve really noticed since moving in is that we’d like to have more seating in here. Functionally speaking it works well having the sofa face the fireplace and help define the family room area but when there is a game on TV it means we kept coming back to the idea of adding either a sectional or a sofa with a chaise lounge.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! I feel like June has just flown by! We haven’t been working on many projects at our house this past month or two as we have been busy working on client projects but I did want to share some pictures I took of our dining room with some beautiful pink peonies!

While this back hallway isn’t the biggest makeover we’ve done here, it was definitely the cheapest! Other than floor paint (I used a leftover can of paint on the walls), the only expenses were the wall hooks and the antlers. The rug, which I just borrowed for photos, is my parents’.

Happy Friday! We have been busy working on some client spaces (some of which we will be sharing here later this summer!)  so haven’t done anything new at our home in a while so this is just kind of a quick post popping in to say hi and with a few pictures of our entryway with some fresh branches from the yard and our Mora clock moved in here.

Happy Sunday! Today we wanted to share a little nursery we decorated for a precious little baby named Lila Grey. It isn’t quite finished – we still have one wall we need to work on and then add a shelf below the sign on another wall but we thought we would share the progress so far on it.