Hello! Welcome to our Holiday Housewalk 2017! This is our SEVENTH year participating in Jennifer Rizzo’s Christmas tour, which is kind of crazy if you think about it. It seems like just yesterday we were participating in the very first one! If you are new here this tour goes from Monday through Friday and includes multiple bloggers each day and you hop from one to the next! To start at the beginning of the tour click here. Yesterday the tour ended at Kelly Elko’s lovely home.

And we are the first stop today! So, Welcome! This is our first year sharing this home! Last year we moved around the holidays so we took all of our photos at our last house before we packed up and just did a few simple things here at this new house. This year now that we are all settled in we really enjoyed decorating.

Here we are at our front door. We added some beautiful garland that Lynch Creek Farm sent to us along with a gorgeous wreath from them as well. Then we added some vintage style skis that we got several years ago from Birch Lane and some little faux trees to one side of the door.

And over on the other side we added a sled my mom got for me at an antique shop a few years ago as well as basket from HomeGoods filled with some of the birch logs we like to use in our fireplace.

Here’s a closeup of the wreath! I love how lush it is.

Once you enter through the door this is our foyer. I haven’t taken any photos yet of the first level because I am still waiting on one finishing detail for it but here is a full angled shot of it.

I will have a detailed post coming soon with lots more pictures of the upstairs hallway decorated for Christmas and will have a detailed source list in it but in the meantime you can find most of the sources for this space here.

Once you’ve entered our house the first room you see is our living room. Or the “piano room” as we affectionately call it.

For more photos and all of the sources for the living room click here.

Next up in our dining room which is connected to the piano room.

You can see lots more photos of our dining room and get all of the sources here.

Now it’s onto our kitchen! In here I just added some simple greenery and a few other basic seasonal touches for a festive feel.

You can find lots more Christmas kitchen pictures here as well as all of the sources.

Then adjoining our kitchen is our family room. We haven’t done a detailed Christmas post on it yet but will have one coming soon! I just need to finish going through all of the pictures. But for now here is a little peek.

We will have a detailed source list when we do the full blog post on our family room but until then you can find many of the sources here. (And the garland is a faux garland we’ve had for years with some fresh ecualyptus added in and the stockings are from Pottery Barn Kids several years ago).

Next up is our laundry room.

We will have a full post about about it soon but in the meantime you can find most of the sources here in this post.Β 

And the last space downstairs is my office which also has a daybed and can function as a guest room if need be (although our guests usually stay in the bonus room and Lillie’s room).

Same as with several of the other spaces, I will have a detailed post up soon with lots more photos and all of the sources once I have time to go through all of my photos but in the meantime most of the sources can be found here.

Now let’s head upstairs. First up we have our master bedroom. This is our first time putting a tree in our bedroom. It seemed like it was a little over the top but I have to say I LOVE it! Ha!

You can find lots more photos of our bedroom decorated for Christmas as well as a detailed source list by clicking here.

And here is our upstairs hall bathroom. I still LOVE this wallpaper as much as I did the day it went up!

You can find the sources for our bathroom here.

And here is Lola’s room:

You can see the full post of Lola’s Christmas room here. There are are lots more photos as well as a detailed source list in that post.

Next up is Lillie’s room! I haven’t even started going through all of the pictures I took of her room yet but here’s one little preview. We will have a post coming up soon – hopefully later this week with all the photos and details of her room! We are loving this flocked tree from Birch Lane!

And here is a little preview of our bonus room! I haven’t shared these pictures yet either because I haven’t finished going through them all but once I do I will have a detailed post for this space as well.

Although we’ve only showed one part of the bonus room in the past you can find some of the sources here.

And then here is a little peek at the hallway. We will have a post up soon with all the details of it as well.

In the meantime though most of the sources for the upstairs hall can be found here.

And lastly here is our upstairs hall closet:

You can find more pictures and all the sources for it here in this post.

Well, that’s it for our home! Thank you so much for taking the tour! Now it’ time for the next stop, Fox Hollow Cottage! I can’t wait to head on over and check out all of her beautiful spaces!

Have an amazing week!

Warmly, Jenni




Christmas In Lillie's Room
Seasons of Home - Some Christmas Touches in Our Master Bedroom

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  • So many great ideas! Your home looks like it’s straight out of a magazine and is inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for the tour! ~ Angie at Postcards from the Ridge

  • Denise Harbour

    So so beautiful!

  • Denise Harbour

    Another thing…can you give any details of the wallpaper in your bathroom? I know you gave the source for the wallpaper in Lola’s room recently, and I am wondering about the bathroom wallpaper source if you don’t mind sharing. Your house is magazine worthy.

    • Denise Harbour

      Oops…I see you shared everything about the beautiful bathroom!

  • In utter awe Jenni. Like… I can hardly believe you bought this house not too long ago! Everything is done basically and it looks incredible. xo

  • Calypso in the Country

    Gorgeous! I love every beautiful detail!

  • lucy

    I don’t even know where to start. I feel like for the many,many years that I’ve known you, all I can say each time is ‘you’re amazing’ .You just keep blowing the world away with your talent. I’m still your biggest fan. xoxo

  • Lauren@SimplyLKJ

    It’s amazing Jenni. Your home is one of my favorites, all year long.

  • Vanessa

    Every single detail is just so stunning!! You manage to make it all look so effortless and I’m just in awe of how lovingly you capture the beauty of Christmas in your home. So thrilled to be part of the housewalk with you today!

  • myuncommonsliceofsuburbia

    WOW everything is stunning, each room so beautiful! I haven’t seen some of these rooms completed, every detail is amazing!

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  • Shannon Fox

    Your tour is even more wonderfully beautiful than I expected… truly exceptional styling & decorating. Your home always enchants & inspires!!

  • Lisa Mothersead

    Very pretty!!

  • Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    Absolutely gorgeous and inspiring as always. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Jennifer @ Town and Country Li

    Jenni, your home is classically beautiful. I love your choice of furniture and light fixtures. The tree in the pink bedroom is amazing. Really – all your holiday details are perfectly executed. So so beautiful!!

  • Jennifer Rizzo

    I cna’t believe it’s been that many years already! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home year after year!

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  • Lindsay Lumsden

    It’s all beautiful, but it’s that hall closet that makes my heart flutter πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™